Monday, October 04, 2010

Day #19

Month two begins with one of those blurry Mondays. I'm at school @ 6:50 and I leave school @ 5:10 and I don't really remember stopping for a breath along the way. Copies and planning and set-up, then Crew, then two consecutive 75-minute classes, then a 2-hour planning and brainstorming session, then some printing, breaking up a fight, then a 75-minute class and an hour-long parent conference after school.

And somehow I didn't have time to grade anything or plan tomorrow's lesson. But yeah, you just fall into these weeks at this time and you either make it or you don't.

The 7th graders who fought were ridiculous. One bashed the other's head on the cement and gave him a nice knot. Once I got them to the office the one with the knot decided to throw a kick at the other and they tried to throw down again. Right in front of a police officer!

Still, a month in and only 2 fights? C'mon! This is awesome. I'm used to two fights a day in my classroom. I haven't had a fight in my room (yet).

Y'all killing my Donors Choose project. I appreciate tha love!

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