Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Day #1

So, new school, new systems, new excitement, and the same old challenges.

Nimoy started plucking my nerves within a few minutes of our extended 2.5 hour homeroom today. He talked when I talked, he swore out loud, he leaned back in his chair until it teetered. I called him out on all this stuff. I've dealt with Nimoys before. He threw a pencil at another boy, which I made him retrieve. "But he talking 'bout my grandmother!" he said. Then he tried to steal the other boy's pen.

During Humanities class, Nimoy talked the entire time. He was so disruptive the school counselor came in and read him the riot act. Nimoy was at summer camp and was supposed to be a leader, a positive example to his class mates. Nimoy just grinned during this schpiel.

At the end of the day my homeroom kids congregated again in my room to fill out ballots selecting their SPAR classes. Nimoy threw water on another boy, and tried to trip a second, when I pulled him over for a conference. I'm trying to avoid the reward/punishment model because this school doesn't use it to modify behavior, but we have to slowly teach our system to the kids before it's effective, and Nimoy is already off the hook. So I told him I'd hate to have to call his house on the first day and he said "Fuck this school. I fucking hate this school. I ain't coming back here tomorrow."

If only that were true.

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