Sunday, January 29, 2012

Haint That a Shame Part XV

We went to Nichi Bei Kai last night with Cha's folks. It was a favorite restaurant of her Dad back when they had a location on York Road. Cha had a gift cert so we trekked over to Columbia together.

It wasn't so hot. I'd never been a fan of the old one either. The experience is more geared to theatrical cooking than quality cooking. Even Dad felt the same. The steak was too expensive in his opinion for the quality of the meat. Mom enjoyed her shrimp and salmon, and even ate vegetables. Since her stroke she rarely eats vegetables.

We came back to our place and Dad said he needed to use the restroom before they drove home to Towson. Cha said she would wait in the car with Ma until Dad came back, I came inside with Dad. He took the restroom on the first floor. While he was still in there, Ma and Cha came in--Ma had decided she'd better use the restroom too. They went upstairs to the second floor. I went to the third floor and changed my clothes.

Cha yelled up the staircase to me from the second level: "I'm going out to the car to tell Dad Ma is in the bathroom!"

"I think he's still in the bathroom downstairs," I yelled back.

"No, I just looked downstairs and saw him walk toward the door. I heard him go out!"

I started walking downstairs. I heard Cha open the door and go outside. I met Ma on the 2nd floor landing and walked her down the steps. Dad was just coming down the hall from the bathroom when we got downstairs. Cha came back inside, surprised to see Dad in the house.

After her parents left she turned to me. "Who did I see walking?" she asked. "Who is in the house?"

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