Saturday, October 15, 2011

Book #37

This didn't feel like a YA novel at all. It's good sci-fi with a moral, written in the vein of authors I admire: Delany, Ellison, Dick. Feed is set in the future, when everyone has chips in their brains which are interlinked with their entire nervous system and which broadcast a constant media feed directly into their consciousness. A constant barrage of banner ads keeps people distracted and shopping. The planet Earth is dead, the seas are dead, the forests are gone, and people live in domed suburbs under fake skies with fake suns.

Titus is the main character, and is a bit dreamier than the other teens in his circle. He meets a girl on the moon who is way sexy. She is new to the feed and is starting to question its legitimacy. Titus learns some dreadful things from her after a hacker whacks them all over the head at a rave, dismantling their feed connections. Most of the dreadful things are about himself and the world he inhabits.

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sounds good!
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