Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Book #20

I read Storm of Swords for a couple days at home, then I read it on planes to Miami and San Jose, Costa Rica. I read it in a hotel, I read it on a bus to Cahuita, and in a hammock at a cabin by the beach I read it. I read it at the beach, and on a terrace looking out on Arenal Volcano. I read it on more buses and planes, and as I lay dying from a devestating tropical stomach ailment I fought through another 200 pages to finish it yesterday.

One thing that makes Martin so compelling, and his fantasy series less formulaic, is his willingness to kill off characters you'd assumed were still going to be around at the end. And yet from the ashes of King Robert's fallen kingdom emerge new heroes to team up with the dwindling survivors from Game of Thrones. The layers of conspiracy and the numerous players will plague and delight you, I promise. But this series is a commitment indeed. Nearly 3000 pages done, and another couple thousand to go before school starts? When will I ever complete research for the units next year? Priorities...

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