Monday, May 02, 2011

Day #137

Dude, I think we're like past the 75% mark of the school year?

I was just reading old posts about Booker T. and reminiscing. No attacks on faculty, fights few and far between, no arson like at the March; I can't deal with these kids! All they do is complain and talk. What's wrong with them?

Wednesday we're having a Site Seminar at our school. Teachers from other Expeditionary Learning schools are coming in to observe and see how things are done. I'm being watched first and second period, which is hilarious, given that I have only a minimal idea about how things are done in EL. And Thursday night I'm supposed to talk in front of parents about what Humanities class is and how we teach it in EL schools. Gulp.

The kids are freaked out about Usama bin Laden. "That muthafucka gonna blow something up to get us back," said Panzer today. "He gonna be pissed we kilt him." I wasn't quite sure how bin Laden would get us back, and asked Panzer this. "Well, you know what I mean. His fucking son gonna come over here and drive a dirty bomb up in our shit."

The kids who watch the news bug me, especially since I stopped doing so. Usually kids are worried about the Mayan Apocalypse. I can handle their worries--but nuclear fallout, tsunami, or terrorism worries are a bit more troubling. I try to steer them back to John Brown and the Civil War.

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