Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Book #12

Young Lije's paw is a Northeastern Yankee transplant to Kansas who runs a farm and a station on the Underground Railroad. Lije is blessed by John Brown, who works with his paw sometimes, and when he comes of age he starts going on raids into Missouri to free slaves and smuggle them north.

On one of these raids they are ambushed. Lije's paw is killed and he is savagely beaten. Then Lije dedicates himself to the abolitionist cause and to revenge. But he finds out that even the worst villain might have redeeming qualities as the war between brothers blooms bloody carnage across the continent.

Still looking for a good novel to read with the kids during our Civil War unit. I liked this one, and it has cameos by Frank and Jesse James, but I'm not sold on it yet. I have time for another book or two before I have to pick.


earth dragon said...

Has anyone suggested "Lady Chatterly's Lover" yet? It has nothing to do with the Civil War, of course, but it would hold everyone's attention. And think of the engaging discussions ....

Nyarlathotep said...

It wouldn't hold their attention. These kids read Zane stories their moms leave around the house, and they wank to internet porn daily. LCL is far too tame.