Monday, January 10, 2011

Day #73

The kids were loud and rowdy, raising a Monday ruckus and I had to scream at them, which we're not supposed to do in the lovey dovey charter school--but from time to time I get tired of the cacaphony and now that I have my voice back after a month of upper respiratory woes it's nice to be able to bellow a bit. My boss was off sick today so I felt able to let loose a bit.

Some of the kids have been so excited about the Poe stuff that they've secretly read "The Tell-Tale Heart" or downloaded copies of "The Raven" off the internet. These they pass around like contraband, mixed in with dirty lyrics from Nikki Minaj. They think I don't know but I have snitches in the 6th grade who come to me at lunch and tell me EVERYTHING. I wonder what they make of Poe's stuff, un-mixed and raw in the rather difficult for today's middle schoolers original English? I suppose I'll find out in a couple weeks when we move from social studies considerations about Poe (how his life affected his work, what his life can tell us about B'more in the 1800's, etc) to literary considerations.

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